Collection: PEGGY HARTANTO Celebrates Disney100

Presenting their first collaboration with Disney, PEGGY HARTANTO unveiling a limited edition capsule collection named ‘WONDER’, inspired by ‘The Little Mermaid’—the all-time favorite childhood animation of Peggy Hartanto, Creative Director of the brand. As part of Disney’s 100th anniversary, the WONDER collection, encapsulates Ariel’s boundless curiosity, inspired by the iconic Disney character's exploration of worlds both beneath the waves and above.

'WONDER' brings a world of underwater magic to life through an enchanting collection filled with playful sailor collars, flailing peplums, and blue-white stripes.The collection seamlessly weaves marine and nautical motifs into each design, offering a dynamic range of looks of oceanic hues, featuring a palette that transitions from pristine white to deep dark green, teal, azure blue, and lilac, accented by the vibrant crustacean red.


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