007 50ml Eau de Parfum

007 50ml Eau de Parfum

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Experience the captivating and sophisticated aroma of 007 eau de parfum, created by Stephanie Bakouche for Normal Estate. This fragrance exudes elegance and sensuality with its warm and classy notes.
The fragrance opens with an elegant rhythm of iris enveloped in saffron, intensified by sweet cocoa dipped in amber, sueded. The fruity and floral scents of davana essential oil, plum, and apricot create a deep and mysterious aroma. The fragrance also features a garland of iris and dark violet, adorned by vibrant saffron and blue ginger, showcasing their flair.

Eau de parfum. 50ml. Crafted by Stephanie Bakouche.

Fragrance notes: Davana, Mandarin, Iris, Dark violet, Saffron, Blue ginger, Cocoa beans absolute, Vetiver Haiti, Birch wood, Sueded ambers.
Key ingredients: Davana essential oil, Iris, Cocoa beans absolute, Sueded ambers, Birch wood essential oil.

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