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"Kill Me On This Year" by Endry Pragusta

"Kill Me On This Year" by Endry Pragusta


Endry Pragusta is a contemporary artist who creates installations using found objects and discarded toys, such as action figures, animal toys, and machine parts. Through the assembly of these eclectic elements, Pragusta constructs a miniature society of hybrid creatures, offering a commentary on the complexities of Indonesian politics and contemporary myths. His works are both mysterious and beautiful, presenting a proposal for coexistence and reflecting the kaleidoscope of Indonesian society.

Having received his education from 2010 to 2016, Pragusta has exhibited his works in various solo and group exhibitions. Notable among them are "Plug and Play" at Tirtodipuran Link, Yogyakarta in 2019, "Playstore" at KEBUN BIBI, Yogyakarta in 2018, and participation in Art Expo Malaysia and Art Jakarta in the same year. His works have also been featured in exhibitions at Indonesia National Gallery, Galeri Soemardja ITB, Galeri Nasional Jakarta, and other prominent venues.

Fiberglass | 24 x 24 x 73cm | 2017

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