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"Mirror Mirror On The Wall" by Hudan Seltan

"Mirror Mirror On The Wall" by Hudan Seltan


Hudan Seltan, born in Bukittinggi in 2000, draws inspiration from the casual culture of youth in his artwork. He explores their presence in public spaces, their social circles, and the challenges they face while growing up. Using visual fragments that capture the essence of contemporary life, including fashion, technology, and daily experiences, Hudan Seltan creates thought-provoking pieces.

After graduating from Fine Art, Indonesian Institute of the Arts, Yogyakarta, he actively participates in various exhibitions, with 2023 Art Jakarta Gardens at Hutan Kota by Plataran, 2022 WIB (Works In Bali) at Srisasanti Gallery, Titik Dua Ubud, Bali, to name a notable few.

Acrylic on canvas | 100 x 80cm | 2022

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